Tanzania Training Centre for Orthipeadic Technologists

Conducts Diploma programs in Orthopaedic Technology and Advance Diploma in Dermatovenereology.

Diploma in Orthopaedic Technology (DOT) Programme is intended to import knowledge and skills to students on the evaluations, design, and fitting of different orthopaedic appliances, equipment and materials. It also aims to impart the correct attitude in students towards patient care.

Advanced Diploma in Dermatovenereology (ADDV) Programme train students to diagnose and competently manage most dermatological conditions, Leprosy, HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted diseases (STDs) in the context of Primary Health Care (PHC). The programme also intends to impart knowledge on how to plan and carry out appropriate measures for prevention of Skin diseases and STDs. Students are also trained to conduct operational research of both clinical and epidemiological nature and apply the findings in the improvement of health services in the community.

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